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Hidden gems!

Posted On January 28, 2016 by admin

When we receive new inquiries for relocations and we first talk to the transferees, they often have a clear idea of where in Switzerland they want to live. Often they have not visited the area or even Switzerland as a country before. Yet, the idea to live in a particular area is there.

Many transferees read up on the internet about their destination. There are numerous online fora all aimed at expats. It is interesting to see, that the same areas keep coming up as “preferred areas” to live in for anybody relocating to Switzerland. It often happens, that these areas are not feasible because of high rental prices or the proximity to work or international school etc.

It is sometimes quite a process to consult the transferee and to get him to look outside the area suggested by all the internet fora he has been visiting before his move.

There are so many hidden gems all over Switzerland. Towns that have great public transport connections to all the bigger cities and a good quality of life. Places that have good tax advantages or immediate access to nature. Or whatever it is that is important to the individual. Many of these places don’t feature in any online fora.

When you engage with your Switzerland Relo relocation consultant, challenge her to show you options that you have never heard of before. And challenge yourself to think outside of the box. – You might just find a hidden gem!


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