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Corporate Services

Relocation Projects, Interim Solutions and In/Outsourcing

Relocation Projects

Departure Management: In the unfortunate case of a Swiss company’s layoff of employees from their international workforce, we provide consulting and management services to the company for its departing staff. We personally handle each individual’s case thereafter, providing them with attentive and professional service for their personal relocation.

Group moves: We provide expert consultation services for expatriates before they make their big move. Switzerland Relo hosts orientation tours and presentations in any country of departure. At these events, foreigners can learn all they need to know about living and working in Switzerland. After this initiation is complete, we move on to coordinating all plans regarding relocation.

Interim Solutions

In addition to our traditional relocation services, Switzerland Relo also provides Interim Solutions. If your company needs to urgently bridge the gap between one employee’s departure and another’s arrival in their Global Mobility or International Assignments department, we can take the pressure off by finding a suitable temporary worker for you. Switzerland Relo offers to fill in your vacant positions on both an on and off-site basis.


Switzerland Relo offers outsourcing services as a solution for companies who need assistance with handling relocation projects. Some companies only have a few relocation projects come up per year. Rather than bother with the distraction this creates, your company can maintain its focus by counting on us to take on the projects.

It may also be the case that a company is not equipped or knowledgeable enough to handle their relocations. Not to worry – Our experts are here to let you focus on your own expertise. We’ll deal with your relocations in a professional manner that will leave you more than satisfied.

If your company simply hasn’t the time or interest to deal with relocations, but still needs them to be professionally coordinated, Switzerland Relo is here for you. It doesn’t matter what the reason, our team is prepared to responsibly handle all of your outsourced relocation work.  We provide both on and off-site options for outsourcing.