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Here at Switzerland Relo, we understand that a big move to Switzerland involves a great deal of work, which may not always be easy. As an internationally-operating relocation and move management consultancy firm, we are prepared to handle the entire process for you.

Switzerland Relo is proud to provide top quality relocation services to anyone planning a move to this country. Whether you’re an expatriate moving to or from Switzerland for your employer, or simply wishing to start fresh here with a new personal residence, we are here to lend a helping hand.

Our team is capable of many things beyond traditional relocation services, including retrieving price quotes from removal companies that are selected according to our standards of quality. The removal companies will help you pack up and transport your belongings for your relocation.

Last but not least, the third division of Switzerland Relo accommodates large projects for corporate clients. We welcome foreign companies by providing them with the smoothest transition possible when they establish operations in Switzerland.

No matter how big or small your international move may be Switzerland Relo is ready to handle it all. In fact, the Switzerland Relo brand was established out of the need for a relocation company that was equipped for extensive projects while still maintaining the quality, personal service of a small business.

We have years of past experience working in multinational relocation firms. This has given us first-hand knowledge of the challenges and limitations that prevent large corporate service providers from addressing the needs of the market, and most importantly, the customer. We used this knowledge to innovate the business, effectively eliminating the problems that plague the big providers.

When you trust us with your move, you can rest assured that our service does not end upon the arrival of your moving boxes. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers, which means helping them through every step of the way. Contact us today to find out just how far we’ll go for you.

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