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“Thanks a lot for a great support during our relocation. If we ever have another relocation, hope it will be managed by you or someone as good as you.”

“I`d love to have my relocation consultant on support line for a couple more years as she is amazing, but 2 more months it also great:).”

“We thank you for all your assistance and are most grateful. Please let us know if you are ever in the area to have a cup of tea!”

“We are doing quite well, everything is falling into place. We would like to thank you for the services and help with relocation.”

“Many thanks! You were amazing! We are extremely happy!!”

“I love working with Ursula, think she is great. I`ve got approved in 2 properties in just few weeks in Geneva and every expat colleague tells me how they struggled for months and how lucky we are. I think it`s not luck, but rather Ursula`s expertise.
I also opened bank account without any problems. Ursula is highly professional and very supportive. She has a lovely communication style and knows her area and job very well.”

“Thanks so much. Super helpful :)”

“Thank you very much for the present you left us. It is very kind of you. We genuinely appreciate all you have done for us.”

“We cant thank you enough for all you have done to help us. We really would have been lost without you!”

“Thank you, it was a huge pleasure to have you as our relocation agent! All the best to you too!”

“Immense thank you to you for the whole process. It has been a pleasure and I really appreciate the help.”

“Great work and assistance offered 😊”

“It has been a pleasure working with you and your team, and I look forward to your support and assistance in the future. We know our assignee’s are in fine hands when you are involved!”

“Many thanks for your support. We are very happy with your guidance in the relocation process.”

“Me and my family have been extremely satisfied with assistance provided by Switzerland Relo. I can happily recommend their services. The high point for me was the fact that they were truly trying to help us and make the relocation process easier.”

“Thanks for the assistance with my transfer to Zurich – your support was very helpful and much appreciated.”

“Thank you very much for your support over the last months, it was always really professional and emphatic, and at the end I was able to find an apartment meeting my (complex) expectations.”

“Thank you so much for your support and your precious services! It helped me very much indeed to find a fantastic flat in the center of Zurich, which, without your help, would probably have never been possible! Thanks a lot!”

“Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihren «Spezialeinsatz» in diesem doch aussergewöhnlichen Fall.”

“Thank you for your wonderful service, we felt safe and well-guided with your support.”

“Your services were fantastic. We have landed completely. Thanks to you.”

“Thanks a lot for your support in finding the flat in Zurich, for your help in setting up several related things, and also for the bottle of wine! We really appreciated your kindness and your availability beyond your mandate! Hope we can remain in touch.”

“I just wanted to thank you all for the great support with the relocation! It was very nice to meet and e-meet you all.”

“Thanks a lot for all your effort and valuable help! Your support was indeed much appreciated!”

“Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers! It was very pleasant. We appreciate your great assistance in searching for such a sweet home, our new home.”

Thank you for all your help that you gave me, it was very appreciated and exceeded my expectations by a long way. I wouldn’t have a second thought about recommending your company to anyone relocating to Switzerland. The service and help provided was amazing! Thank you.If I could give you a Google rating out of 5 it would be a 10! The service provided was off the charts. Best wishes and thank you again,

“I can only thank you for the support and it was a good and pleasant experience with you.

“Me and my family have been extremely satisfied with your assistance. I will be happy to recommend your services in the future.

“Thank you very much for all your help, the services have really made the landing in Switzerland very very smooth.

“I have heard very good news from the employee and his family last week! They found THE PREFECT place in Switzerland, so quickly and they are VERY HAPPY 😊 I am again impressed by your team, and I am so grateful you made his experience in Switzerland much easier than he has ever expected! A HUGE THANK YOU to your Team!”

“You clearly all have done an amazing job and I wanted to thank you all for taking such good care of the employee and helping him and his family settling down in a nice new home in Switzerland – great job and thanks a lot again for all your help here for a very happy assignee!”

“Our experience with the relocation consultant is perfect and could not be better. She is very engaged, quick in response and organized the viewings very quick and well. Additionally she supported us during the viewing and made the difference. I would highly recommend her to other clients.”

“The consultant is great at stress management and is very reactive. She is the definition of professionalism and dedication. So when I proposed links to her she looked into every single one of them and came back with recommendations or scheduled visits. She also proactively proposed a lot of flats and had solid arguments to help us see things from another perspective when needed. She managed this intense flat hunting with great professionalism and I strongly recommend her to anyone else using your services in Geneva. We are very satisfied with our experience and thank you all for the great assistance in this journey.”

“Thank you very much for all of your help! It was much appreciated and made the move a lot smoother.”

“Let me also take this opportunity to THANK YOU again for your tremendous support during our move!! Your support was beyond of what we could have expected and eventually helped us to find our new home!”

“The work of our relocation consultant was super. A couple of challenges but this is to be expected with the stresses of a move. The consideration and help she showed really was exceptional and really felt like she was fully part of our experience. Thank you Switzerland Relo!”

“Switzerland Relo were in our opinion exceptional. They were knowledgeable, problem solvers, provided extra care and made everything clear and pleasant. Next to that they went the extra mile with regards to our Daughter (who broke her wrist) and my Wife and providing extra tips to feel at home in Switzerland quickly. An absolute dream to work with!
Because of Switzerland Relo we were able to secure a home in the exact location we wanted. Everything just worked and you could see they are experts and that they care.
Again very good, they provided a good information pack, followed up super promptly and personal with regard to all queries and were proactive about what was necessary. We were able to get our registration and bank etc. organized super quickly as well as topics like health insurance.”

“Once more, please allow me to express my thanks for your super-awesome support during this entire process. Thank you for making sure I get everything done in time and in proper order, and for arranging everything so quickly under my restrictions with budget and travelling outside Switzerland in July!”

“My feedback about my relocation consultant: SHE IS AWESOME. She is paying attention to details, she is super-fast, very professional, and very fair and friendly:

  • she took care that I prepare all the papers and checked I have everything in order before making an application
  • she called the landlord/relevant person and always kept me informed of the status of my application
  • she pleaded my case towards the landlords
  •  at some point there was an issue, when the landlord could not reach our HR and she immediately found out about this and informed me, so that I get my HR to call the landlord before the deadline
  • for every case, she informed me of the deadline and helped me get everything ready in time
  • she was fair with me towards the acceptance expectations for each place I visited and applied for
  • she helped me get the current place

She was especially super-fast and diligent with my particular case, as I had a longer visit to US, and so she made sure I had everything ready before I left, as I didn’t have much time to prepare anything once I got back. I am delighted by her help, and very much want to thank you for allocating her to my case. I am very lucky!”

“Your company has been a big help. It was a healthy and flourishing cooperation crowned by a successful apartment handover:).”

“I am very satisfied with the consultant and with Switzerland Relo as a company. I can’t think of anything you could do differently.”

“I am satisfied with the relocation support and appreciate the help from my relocation consultant.”

“The relocation consultant was great. We found an apartment very quickly and everything is on track.”

“I am very happy with the help from my relocation consultant. The apartments we were offered were all great and fitted our profile. The consultant was very helpful, especially in situations where the landlord did not speak any English. “

“My relocation consultant was professional and efficient. She helped me a lot. Everything is perfect. I am really very happy with your assistance.”

“You were awesome!”

“The relocation consultant was always prompt, informative and helpful. I am definitely very happy!”

“We were very happy with our relocation consultant and would recommend your company to other people moving to Switzerland.”

“Everything went smooth thanks to your team. Thank you so much for your help.”

“Thank you to my relocation consultant for all the help! It has been a pleasure working with her.”

“The consultant was very helpful and we were able to find an apartment very quickly.”

“My relocation consultant was fantastic! Thanks for the support!”

“I am very happy with my relocation experience and how it turned out!”

“I had a great experience with my relocation consultant. She explained everything needed and helped us to find an apartment in just a few days.”

“I really enjoyed working with my relocation consultant, who is a great specialist and a great lady! 5 stars – no doubt!”

“All perfect! Thanks.”

“I was very happy with my consultant. She was very pro-active, helped me a lot with the whole process of finding and applying for the apartment and her contacts proved to be of great value. We were able to find the perfect (pet friendly) apartment in less than a month.”

“Thank you so much for today – we got so much accomplished! It is such a relief to get these major things done and to know, that we have your expertise and kindness supporting us. Thanks.”

“I was very happy with my relocation consultant’s help. She is a nice and kind person. We quickly found an apartment meeting our requirements. The consultant also helped us resolve some issues with regards to payments.”

“Our relocation consultant was a star! Enough said!”

“The consultant really helped me. I am grateful.”

“I am satisfied with the result. The consultant has been very helpful in communicating with the landlord. “

“We were very happy with our consultant’s help in the apartment hunting. Thanks to her help we were able to move into permanent accommodation just one month after arriving in Switzerland. She was very helpful in setting up viewings, helping with communication with landlords, and finally she assisted us in finalizing the contract when we chose the apartment. I especially appreciate that she was very responsive, flexible and provided end-to-end help. Thank you.”

“The experience has been easy and uncomplicated.”

“We were very happy with the help we received from your consultant.”

“It was great, honestly! The consultant was very helpful!”

“Our consultant has been of great help. Even after setting some difficult requirements for the apartment, she managed to find some pretty good options. I think she did a great job and I would definitely use your services again.”

“We were very happy with our consultant’s help. She was able to provide valuable advice and insight.”

“I was happy about the help I received from my consultant. She explained to me a lot of nuisances of settling in in Switzerland and was a great help in arranging the apartment.”

“I am happy about my consultant. She found me a good apartment really fast, took over all interaction about it and provided all information on what to do. It is also very convenient that she speaks Russian.”

“I have to say I was very happy with my relocation consultant. She was extremely helpful and we managed to get all the things related to me settling-in done very quickly and with very little problems.”

“I am very happy with my consultant’s help!”

“Many, many thanks – you did a brilliant job! And I will also say thanks personally when I am in Switzerland.”

“My relocation consultant has been amazing, she was open about the process. She always told me about all that was going on. She is also wonderfully patient and approachable. I really enjoyed working with her. Thank you.”

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with you and your team.”

“Thank you all. You did a pretty good job, and especially thank you to my relocation consultant.”

“I am very happy in my new place. Thank you for all your help.”

“We are very happy with the help the relocation consultant provided us with. Before coming to Switzerland we were worried about the complicated apartment search process and the low chances of getting a good place. With the help of the consultant however, we found exactly the place we were looking for and in less than a month.”

“We would really like to thank you for your time and help. We know that this is your job, but we really appreciate, what you did yesterday and how you did it.”

“It was a very smooth process. I wanted an apartment quickly and close to work and your consultant delivered wonderfully. Two thumbs up!”

“Thanks for all your help – you have been great!”

“The relocation consultant was very friendly and helpful. She found me a great apartment and also helped me with various documents and processes. Considering what I have heard about the difficulties in finding a place to live in Switzerland I am happy how everything worked out with her help.”

“The consultant did a great job. I got an apartment today and will move there in 2 weeks. It is exactly what I was looking for. I would rate her service 10 out of 10!”

“I am very pleased by the interaction I’ve had with my relocation consultant. She has been extremely helpful not only in finding me an apartment within my first week here in Zürich, but with providing all kinds of advice about Switzerland. I am very happy with her assistance.”

“I have been extremely satisfied with my relocation consultant’s services. We were able to find the perfect place in the first week of my arrival and she was always very fast in responding to questions and arranging meetings. I can wholeheartedly recommend her to other clients and it was a completely problem-free experience.”

“It was extremely helpful to have the help of my relocation consultant. A lot of the smaller tips she gave me along the way (e. g. tv tax, trash, parking, lights) would have taken me a while to figure out on my own (and likely figured out via fines or tickets).”

“With your help the relocation process was a breeze. I had expected that moving to a new country was much more difficult.”

“We were happy with the assistance and the relocation consultant. She was friendly and gave us a lot of good advice. I would highly recommend her and your firm. It has been a pleasure – thank you.”

“We have had a very smooth transition and we are very satisfied with our apartment. The consultant was very helpful and she was able to explain several vital issues to us. Thank you very much for all your help and assistance.”

“We would like to thank you for your big help in choosing the apartment and settling us here. It was a pleasure working with you.”

“During my move to Taiwan my experience with Switzerland Relo has been very positive. Not having decided for which city as a permanent home, I have stayed in a hotel. Expecting a reply on my fixed destination from my employer, I was always in contact with the global mobility coordinator. I have to say, Switzerland Relo have always accommodated my requests with a lot patience and professionalism. Now my final destination in Taichung is set and thanks to the team I found a good accommodation. Thank you so much.”

(Expatriate about his relocation from Ticino, Switzerland to Taiwan. Services provided: complete relocation management incl. Immigration, Orientation Tour, Home Search, Settling-in in Taiwan + Removal of Household goods)

“I am very happy with my consultant. She was extremely fast handling everything and proactive in getting quick responses from other parties (e.g. it took just one day after applying for a flat to receive a confirmation). My experience with Switzerland Relo has been excellent.”

“Thank you for the excellent and professional service offered. We found a new place to rent very quickly and are very happy. The consultant understood what we wanted and was always positive and energetic. We would definitely use your services again.”

“Thank you very much for all your great help. It definitely made my relocation much easier.”

“Thank you very much for your excellent service.”

“I would like to confirm that my move to Switzerland was very smooth and I didn’t experience any issues or problems. Every member of the team was very professional and did a great job and I would like to say a special thanks to my relocation consultant.

“Thank you all very much for your help. I can not imagine how we would have handled everything without your assistance in less than two months. I’m very satisfied with your service.”

“I would like to thank you and your team again for the well organised and professionally executed removal from Belgium to Basel, Switzerland. It has really been a pleasure to work with you.”

“I am very satisfied with the help I got from you and your consultant. She was very helpful, responsive and flexible. We managed to find a suitable apartment sooner than I expected.”

“Thank you for your assistance, it was professional and very helpful. Relocating with you was way easier than what I have thought.”

“Nice to know, that things can go this smooth. We will definitely use you again for our next relocation to or from Geneva.”

“I am very happy with my consultant. She did a great job and I would definitely recommend her to my colleagues.”

“We were very really delighted with the help that Switzerland Relo has given us. The procedural side all went smoothly and the consultant has given us a lot of friendly encouragement and emotional support, which is just as important! She has always responded almost instantly to all the questions we had, and when things did not go quite as planned, she was really tenacious in getting them sorted out, which took a lot of stress away from us.”

“The work of your relocation consultant was great!”

“We were very happy with the fast housing and living area search! This way we did not need temporary housing and we could move into our new home before the start of the new job and the school year! Great email service and quick answers to all kinds of questions we had regarding the house, the administrative processes, getting the required permits and settling in. Thanks so much – you made moving a lot easier for us!”

“We were very happy with our consultant. Her response was always very quick and relevant – phone or email. She has found a lot of apartments for us of which we got offered two in the first two days of our stay. “

“The supplied information and the services from the office about my removal from Los Angeles to Basel were excellent. All of the movers were wonderful to work with and the crew leader was fantastic.”

“We have worked with Switzerland Relo on several occasions and highly appreciate the professional and efficient service they provide to our newly arrived employees regarding the house hunting process and other general formalities. We are particularly impressed by the feedback we receive from our colleagues regarding the attention to detail they show throughout the relocation process from start to finish. The team at Switzerland Relo is always responsive, friendly and polite, providing the most practical advice. We do not hesitate to recommend Switzerland Relo to any other company.”

“After many expatriation experiences, Switzerland Relo was really above our expectations. Excellent service and attention as well as understanding of our needs. Simple and pragmatic,  flexible and precise. Not more, not less – everything at the right moment.”

“I am very happy with the interaction with the consultant. She is very forthcoming and professional. “

“Switzerland Relo assisted my family and me with two aspects of our relocation from Zürich to Johannesburg. They helped us with ‘Departure Services’ and made our life a whole lot easier in dealing with all the bits and questions that you encounter, when you leave Switzerland. Thanks to Switzerland Relo, the process did not become an administrational headache for us and we saved a lot of time and money. We also made booked our move with Switzerland Relo. We asked several removal companies to provide us with a quotation for our move to Jo’burg. Switzerland Relo turned out to be the most cost effective at top quality. The cost savings achieved through Switzerland Relo’s industry knowledge were significant. We would like to unreservedly recommend Switzerland Relo to anyone planning to either relocate to or from anywhere.”

“A big thanks to your relocation consultant. She does a very good job! Especially I would mark good scheduling of apartment viewings – doing it compactly without waste of time is a big deal. She was also very helpful with all other questions – so thanks one more time. “

“The specialists from Switzerland Relo helped me a great deal with my move from Cape Town, South Africa to Zurich. The housing market in the Zurich area is very tight and one needs a lot of luck or really good connections, in order to secure the desired apartment. With her knowledge of the market and her experience, the relocation consultant quickly found me a very spacious and perfectly located apartment within my budget only a few minutes walking distance away from my work place. Thanks to the team at Switzerland Relo – I would definitely use you again.”

“It was a great pleasure to work with your consultant. She helped me a lot during all phases of renting a flat. I appreciated the most her help when we received a positive response as she made a lot of phone calls on my behalf to finalize the whole process. In fact she did far more than I expected. She was not only helpful but also very professional and kind. I am really glad and thankful that she was my consultant.”

“We have had a very good experience with our consultant and are very happy with all the help she has given us.”

“We were very happy with the services provided by our consultant so far. We were quickly able to get an offer for a rental contract. She already assured us assistance with the handover of the apartment which is definitely an important point, since I myself am always unsure whether I’m critical enough regarding the property I’m inspecting. Thus, I greatly appreciate her help.”

“Thank you very much for the help. Our consultant’s service exceeded my expectations and it was pleasure to communicate with her.”

“Thank you all for your assistance during the different stages of my move. You made the process very smooth, found me an amazing temporary flat and now thanks to my consultant’s help I found a beautiful apartment that has everything I wanted in an apartment: spacious, central, quiet, green area, view, close to work, and reasonably priced.

Thanks again for helping me beyond my apartment search. It was a pleasure to know you and have you as my relocation assistant. I’ll be showing you my apartment when it’s all pretty and furnished :)”