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Corporate Services

New Business Infrastructure Setup (limited to Switzerland only)

Switzerland Relo is experienced with office set-up services. Our team members are skilled in organizing a plan for the most efficient and comprehensive infrastructure possible. When you establish operations in Switzerland, you’ll be in good hands with the Switzerland Relo team. Read below to learn about just some of the ways we can help you set-up your new office.

  • We’ll get you started on the right foot by establishing all of your basic utilities. This includes water, electricity, telephone service and internet. Insurance for your office can be obtained as well.
  • We handle all of your needs from a technological standpoint as well. Cell phone contracts, network servers, printers, etc. can all be set up by our experts.
  • Office equipment, furniture, and even personalized materials such as business cards and signs can be obtained through us.
  • Switzerland Relo goes so far as setting up your company’s access to automobiles. Leases, purchases, and the insurance can all be handled by us.

Our set-up services are not limited to this list. We help to secure everything your company needs to get its start in Switzerland. Contact us to find out just how much we can do to help your business get started.