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Corporate Services

Services for your International Workforce

  • Before their big move, we will act as your employee’s guide to their new destination. We will be right by their side to familiarize them with Switzerland and welcome them to the country. We provide preview trips to help them learn everything they need to know before they finally make their move.
  • We teach your employees about little but important things they’ll encounter in Switzerland. They will be advised on all of the country’s rules and typical practices in day to day life.
  • In this transitional period, we can make arrangements for your workforce to have comfortable temporary accommodations before relocating to a new residence.
  • Whether they’re looking to rent or purchase, we will help your employees search the local real estate market for the perfect new home.
  • It can be difficult to find and secure all of the important services like insurance, telephone, internet and more. We will put your staff in touch with the right people so that they don’t have to stress over figuring it all out for themselves.
  • A move for the company also affects the family of the employee. We do our part to help you find a way to maintain your family’s lifestyle while in Switzerland. We can help you find top international schools, places of worship, clubs and more.
  • We can also support you with our Financial Management Product. This helps alleviate the administrative burden related to the ongoing payment of relocation expenses of your international workforce including but not limited to house rentals, temporary accommodation, school tuition, car rental/ purchase, utilities etc.
  • Our departure services include handling all the headaches of terminating lease agreements, house or apartment clean-up, meetings, collecting reimbursements and more.
  • Miscellaneous services: We can help your employees register imported vehicles, arrange for transport of precious pets, manage tenancy, and provide end of lease cleaning quotes and coordination.