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Switzerland Relo is owner run! This means the managing partners are involved in the daily business and important decisions can be made immediately without wasting any valuable time.

Michael Surber, Managing Partner

Michael grew up in Zürich and held various management positions prior to Switzerland Relo incl. Regional Manager Eastern Switzerland at a large international relocation provider. He lived in South Africa for 12 years, where he founded a logistics and courier company in 1996, which he sold in 2008. The company continues to operate successfully.  Michael focuses on the strategic direction of the business as well as on quality management.

Minou Surber, Managing Partner

Minou was born in The Netherlands and worked with several international relocation companies prior to Switzerland Relo. Positions included Mobility Coordinator at a large US relocation company in Switzerland where she was responsible for the global coordination of the complete expat population of a US technology company, who counts over 110’000 employees.

She also spent several years “in the trenches” as a relocation consultant and assisted many new arrivals in Switzerland. Furthermore she worked for a number of years as Residential Sales Consultant for international removals at a large international relocation provider in Switzerland. Minou holds the position of Director Operations.

Back office, business development + relocation consultants

35 back office staff and relocation consultants all across Switzerland support our clients. Our staff share the same entrepreneurial way of thinking. „Nine to five“ is not part of their vocabulary. This creates a climate of ownership and responsibility crucial to the successful execution of any relocation.

Most of us at Switzerland Relo have either been expats or still are. We have experienced, what an international relocation means and the challenges, that come with it.

This creates a unique and outstanding sense of empathy and dedication which in turn results in transferees being more productive sooner and in happier HR managers.