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Our Strengths

  • Both our management process and our workers are incredibly efficient. You’ll never be saddled with services or materials that you don’t need, because we’ve fine-tuned all of our business practices to get the job done with the least hassle, time and expense.
  • Our team is very flexible. Our years of experience have given us the skills necessary to be prepared for anything that comes our way.
  • Switzerland Relo is run directly by its owners, meaning that decisions can be made as quickly as possible, and the reactions follow in suit.
  • Our customers will attest to the fact that our focus is always on customer satisfaction.
  • While we abide by many tried and true methods, we enthusiastically embrace technology and incorporate it into our business, allowing for more convenience for our customers.
  • We are well seasoned when it comes to managing corporate and private relocation projects alike.
  • Our services are not limited to relocation. We also provide help in removal services, so all aspects of your location transfer can be covered by us.
  • As expatriates ourselves, we are well aware of the needs and expectations of our customers during their move.